Sacrament of Marriage

Information on Weddings

If you would like to get married at St Michael’s Church, please contact us with your details and the impending date of Marriage. We will be able to confirm whether our Priest/s are available and/or the Church is available for the date required.

St Michael’s Catholic Church will hold approximately 300 people. Parking within the Parish grounds is available and there is also free parking in the surrounding streets.

The Priest is responsible for ensuring that the couple undertake a course of marriage preparation, for the paperwork and the ceremony planning for the couple.
A visiting priest should contact the Parish Office as soon as possible to confirm that he is prepared to celebrate your wedding.

Documents required – originals must also be sighted
• A completed Wedding Application Form
• A copy of the Birth Certificate or passport of the couple
• A recent copy of your Baptismal Certificate
• A copy of the Certificate of wedding preparation course (once completed)
These will be returned to you once they have been sighted by the celebrant.

Marriage Preparation Course (is mandatory)
Please contact CatholicCare on
Phone: 9509 1234
Email: [email protected]

Wedding ceremonies are generally held on Saturday.
If you wish to have your ceremony on an alternative day, you will need to receive agreement from the Parish priest.

Wedding Rehearsal
Rehearsals are generally held on the Wednesday/Thursday prior to your wedding, at 7pm. This will be arranged when your booking is confirmed.

Music (live or recorded)
Since a wedding in the Church is a sacred ceremony, music should be of a sacred nature.

• If you would like the Church organ to be played, we can supply you with details of the parish organist.
• Use of other instruments such as the harp, classical guitar, viola are welcome.
• There is an iPod facility in the church. However, you need to be responsible for any copyright issues involved in the playing of recorded music.

Flowers and decorations
Because of the décor of the Churches, only small arrangements of flowers should be used.
• Flower arrangements are not to placed directly on the altar. It is permitted to place arrangements directly in front of the altar on the floor.
• Floral arrangements can be placed anywhere else in the church.
• Pew decorations are allowed but only if tied onto the pews.

Floral arrangements may be left in the Church if you wish, EXCEPT during the Season of Lent, when all flowers must be removed from the Church. (Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes with the Easter Vigil)

The use of confetti, rice, rose petals etc are NOT permitted.

If you require further information, please contact the Parish Office