Lent 2020: Our Lenten Resolutions by Fr Janusz

We have already lived through many Lents in our lives. Most probably we think they are generally a very fruitful time. At other times we may have thought otherwise, having a feeling that we were wasting this period. We are again entering another Lenten Season – a season of opening to the ac-ceptance of salvation offered to us by Jesus. To make sure that we experience it as a season of grace and spiritual growth we are prepared to undertake various Lenten resolutions. But it is important to be aware that it is not our deeds that save us, Jesus Christ saves us! By deeds, however, we open our-selves up to salvation and fight against what closes us to this gift. What resolutions then can we under-take this year?
Last year we celebrated 110 years of the blessing of our parish church, with our attention focused on the place of our communal worship. This year I would like to suggest that our Lenten resolutions be a little bit more Christ and prayer centered. Fortunately, we don’t need to invent anything special, we just need to appreciate the manifold devotions and liturgies that are regularly celebrated here at St Michael’s and make a firm resolution to participate in any of these at least once, during this Lenten season! All our devotions will have an additional component, a reflection to help us to enter into the spirit of Lent more deeply.
I would like to ask you to familiarise yourself with all the good things that are happening in our church (our regular activities are listed in the bulletin) and make a real commitment to take part in them. Let us strengthen our community prayer with your faith and presence.
And if it happens that you are unable to fulfil your commitments exactly don’t be discouraged. Lent is not meant to be a time when you become perfect. On the contrary, it is supposed to be a desert where we will experience our weakness and recognize that we are weak, that we will not achieve cer-tain things, that we cannot do it all ourselves. It is a saving experience, because if a person can’t han-dle something, then that person needs someone who can help. We need the Savior. Lent is an oppor-tunity for us to become hungry for God and to understand that we really need Him!
God bless, Fr Janusz